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For whom is the GSC Tourer suitable?

The GSC Tourer is safe and user-friendly and therefore many golfers can use it. 


For all golfers

The Tourer can of course be used by all golfers, young and old. Are you, for example, a: 

  • Greenfee player and do you want a nice day out on the golf course every now and then? Then you can easily hire a Tourer from your favourite golf courses.
  • Are you a club member and do you frequently play golf with your partner or friends? Then consider buying a Tourer: that way you can be sure of always having a Tourer at your disposal! 
  • Golf fan with physical complaints? Then the Tourer is ideal for you. With the GSC Tourer you can easily complete 18 holes! Because you can dose the speed with the Tourer you have a better interaction with your flightmates than in the classical golf buggy. 
More information for golfers

For golf courses

An interesting rental model for golf courses. Convenience for young and old with an extra fun factor and an earnings model for the golf course.

  • Distinctive, innovation for golf.
  • Safe and user-friendly.
  • Alternative to buggy, 82% less impact on the turf, space-saving.
  • Revenue from rental, attracting new green fee players, sponsor revenue via the Tourer possible.
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the GSC Tourer

More information about the Tourer
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More information about the Tourer
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Tailor-made cooperation

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