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Electric golf cart

Are you still using an old-fashioned electric golf cart? Try the new GSC Europe Tourer!

This Tourer is the new means of transport in the golf world to replace those clunky electric golf carts. In addition, the Tourer is easy to use so you can easily drive from one hole to another.

For young and old

Do away with the old-fashioned way of playing golf

Go for the new GSC Europe Tourer and forget about those clumsy electric golf carts. You can rent the Tourer together with your friends, colleagues or acquaintances at your golf course, after which you can enjoy the course. You don't have to lose sight of each other anymore because of its manoeuvrability and fine steering possibilities.

For every golfer

Because of its user-friendliness and safety, the GSC Europe Tourer is accessible to every person, from young to old. With a maximum speed of approx. 15 kilometres per hour, you will enjoy your golf even more because walking to your ball will be a thing of the past.

Advantages of the Tourer

Compared to an electric golf cart, the Tourer has many advantages. You never have to carry your golf bag again because you can attach it to the front. The new form of the electric golf cart, but easier to drive and lighter in weight. Because you control the speed, the Tourer is also fun.

GSC Europe Tourer

Do you want more information about this replacement of the electric golf cart? We will gladly tell you more about the GSC Europe Tourer and how you can use it at your golf course. Feel free to contact one of our colleagues and who knows, you might soon be riding on one of our Tourers.

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