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Cruising down the course
Easy to use
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The advantages of the GSC Europe Tourer

We are adding some real value - not only on the course but also for your business!
The GSC Tourer is the sensation for all events. The product offers many advantages for golf courses, for individual golfers and of course for you as the distributor.

  • Advertising medium.
  • Problem solver.
  • Best seller.

The target group

Individual Golfers:

Suitable for everyone, young or old! Most users are between 25 and 75 years old. Impressively easy to handle!
In a maximum of 5 minutes anyone can get to grips with the steering and functions.

Particularly attractive for golfers who

  • have physical complaints or temporary injuries
  • want to play a quick round before or after work
  • are looking for fun and innovation.

Golf Clubs & Golf Courses:

  • Maximizes revenue!
  • Used for rental & sponsorship.
  • Attract green fee players.
  • Widely useful!

Marshals, tournament directors and employees
of golf courses also love the Tourer.

The perfect alternative

We often hear from golfers and golf courses that all carts are already rented out – the purchase of additional carts is expensive and there is usually not enough space to store them anyway. That is really unfortunate especially for players who rely on mobile support.

The Tourer does not replace carts, but it is the ideal addition!

  • Space-saving storage and no outside power supply required for charging.
  • Easy battery replacement for several rounds a day.
  • Admired by greenkeepers due to minimum impact on the fairways.
  • Cools players down in heat through the airstream, but also keeps them warm in the cold due to the movement when steering.
  • You always drive to your own ball, better focus on your game.
All features of the Tourer

The concept

Specially designed for the golf course, the Tourer will be the
perfect addition for every club. It will convince owners & employees,
members & guests.

Speed: up to 15 km/h!
Perfect for guaranteeing fun and safety at the same time.
The automatic downhill brake rounds off the equipment
with many further features.

High season:
During the busy months, the Tourer expands the rental
capacity, provides an exciting change of pace as well as
a cool down in hot temperatures.

In less frequented periods, the Tourer is the ideal means
of advertising, organizing events such as „Speed Golf“ and
thereby boosting the sales season.

The dealer benefits

GSC Europe supplies you with distribution concepts, a wide range of (potential) clients, exclusivity, advertising support and more.

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