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Golf cart alternative: GSC Europe Tourer

Looking for an alternative to the golf cart? EziGolf makes the next step in golf possible with the Tourer.

Move fast on the course, stay involved with the group and enjoy the easy use. The Tourer of GSC Europe offers you more possibilities.

Easy to use
Sporty alternative
Close to the flight

No hassle with golf carts

With the GSC Europe Tourer you always stay close to the flight. When you go golfing together and a single person or part of the group uses the traditional golf cart out of necessity, you often lose sight of each other. It quickly creates a division between the user(s) of the golf cart and people who are walking down the holes. No more hassle with the golf cart thanks to the Tourer: with its pleasant size, manoeuvrability and good steering possibilities you stay close to each other.

Smooth cruising

The GSC Europe Tourer is easy to use. With an average learning curve of only five minutes, you'll master the controls in no time. Moreover, the Tourer is foldable and thus easy to transport in the car. With its 36 kilograms, a battery that lasts up to 27 holes and a natural movement, GSC Europe leaves the competition behind.

For individuals, golf courses and entrepreneurs

The Tourer serves a wide range of golfers. Individuals can buy this excellent alternative to the golf cart for private use, for example when playing golf with a partner. But the Tourer is also a very interesting option for golf courses: broaden the rental possibilities by adding some models to the offer and renew the course. Or for dealers, for whom it is possible to completely customise the Tourer in their branding with an own logo. Can you already see it?

New way of golf

This new way of playing golf offers a feeling of freedom, innovation and many other advantages. We will tell you more on our extensive GSC Europe Tourer page, where you will also find detailed specifications. Interested in the Tourer? Then request a demo now. Want to know more about the Tourer? Then simply contact the advisors of GSC Europe.

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Want to know more about the GSC Europe Tourer? Curious about the specifications? We'll tell you about it!

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