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Golf buggy

Do away with the old traditional golf buggy and say hello to the EziGolf Tourer! Our Tourer takes you to the next step in the golf world. The "means of transport" is not the big and uncomfortable traditional golf buggy you are used to. The Tourer is innovative, sporty and incredibly easy to use.

For young and old

Experience the new way of golf

The GSC Europe Tourer is the perfect alternative for the traditional golf buggy. With the Tourer you move fast over the course and enjoy the easy use. The biggest advantage compared to a traditional golf buggy is that when you go golfing in a group, with the Tourer you don't lose sight of each other regularly. Because of its small size, steering possibilities and manoeuvrability you stay close to each other.

More advantages of the Tourer

In addition to more freedom on the golf course, because you can quickly and easily get yourself anywhere on the course, our renewed mobility solution is user-friendly and functional. The device is foldable, lightweight, easy to drive and accessible to every golfer. The easily controllable speed provides an extra fun factor for young and old!

Open to every golfer

Every golfer, young and old, can use our GSC Europe Tourer because of its safety and user-friendliness. Are you, for example, a green fee player, a member of an association or a golf enthusiast with physical complaints? Then the Tourer is ideal for you. With a maximum speed of approx. 15 kilometres per hour, you will enjoy the freedom and convenience of our product.

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Would you like more information on the Tourer? We are happy to tell you about our new golf mobility solution. Simply contact one of our colleagues. See what is possible together. That way we create a win-win situation!

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