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Frequent Asked Questions

We have been asked many questions before. We have listed them with the answers. Perhaps your question is also included.

General questions

Can the Tourer be personalised?

Yes, that is possible. The Tourers are delivered as a white label. Dealers or golf courses can wrap or stick on the Tourer themselves with their own branding.

What is included with a Tourer?

The Tourer comes with a battery, battery charger and a manual.


How quickly is the battery recharged?

 A full charge cycle takes 5 to 6 hours.

How long does a full battery last?

The range of a Tourer with full battery is approximately 27 holes. That depends on the weather and course conditions.

What does an extra battery cost?

The Tourer is delivered with one battery. A spare battery costs around € 500,00. Please contact us for an offer.

How can I see if the battery is full?

The battery charger has a LED indicator. If it is RED, the battery is still charging. If it is GREEN, the battery is fully charged. The battery level can also be seen on the display.

When should the battery be charged?

It is advisable to charge the Tourer’s battery as soon as possible after use. This helps to prolong the life of the battery. It is advisable to disconnect the charger from the mains as soon as the battery is fully charged. This is the case when the LED indicator on the charger is GREEN.

Can the battery be recharged briefly?

Yes, the battery can be recharged at any time. This increases the range and is not harmful for the battery.


How do you clean the Tourer?

Wash with water and neutral detergent and use a soft sponge. After washing, dry the Tourer with a dry cloth. NEVER use a garden hose or high-pressure sprayer to clean the handlebars, steering column, battery (holder) and LCD display.

What is the ideal tyre pressure for the Tourer?

The tyres should have a minimal pressure of 3 bar.

Tourer specifications

What is the maximum speed of a Tourer?

 Speed is dosable up to 15 kilometres per hour.

What is the weight of the Tourer?

The Tourer weighs 36 kg including the removable battery (3.5 kg).

What are the dimensions?

Ready to ride: 115 cm high - 72 cm wide - 122 cm long

Folded up: 55 cm high - 72 cm wide - 122 cm long


Can the Tourer be transported in a car?

Yes, the Tourer can be folded up and transported in a spacious car, for example by folding down the back seat.


What is the maximum load of the Tourer?

A Tourer is designed for one person and a golf bag with clubs, the maximum load is 120Kg.


How much does a Tourer cost?

For the current prices of the Tourer, please get in touch.

What is included in the price?

The Tourer comes with a battery, a battery charger, instruction manual.

What are the transport costs?

The transport costs depend on the amount of units and the destination country.

What is the delivery time of the Tourer?

 The delivery time depends on the amount of units and destination country.

Service & Warranty

How long do I have warranty?

GSC Europe supplies the Tourer with 12 months warranty.

How can I report a malfunction of the Tourer?

A malfunction of the Tourer can be reported by e-mail contact page.

Where can a Tourer be repaired?

GSC Europe has service partners in many countries, you can report a repair request by e-mail contactpage.

How do I order spare parts?

You can order spare parts at GSC Europe by sending an e-mail contactpage with your order.


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