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The next step for Golf courses, individual Golfers and entrepreneurs. Watch our image video of the GSC Tourer below.

De GSC Tourer:

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Experience the new way of golf

The Tourer is the perfect alternative to the traditional golf cart. The Tourer gives you a feeling of freedom and makes golf easy for every golfer. Be close to your fellow players anywhere on the course and also drive to your own ball quickly and easily. Unlike the traditional buggy, you no longer have to drive together to each other's ball!

Enjoy the advantages of the Tourer.

Easy and functional

The Tourer makes 18 holes accessible to everyone and is fun and easy to use. A few important advantages of the Tourer:

  • Foldable and therefore easy to transport in the car. (see video below)
  • Lightweight, in total 36 kg including a 3.5 kg battery.
  • Very easy to drive (get the grip within 5 minutes).
  • Speed can be controlled easily from walking pace to approx. 15 kilometres per hour.
  • Can be steered in a natural position, in contrast to the inclined position on golfboards.
  • In times of COVID-19 and Social Distancing, it offers an ideal means of transport on the course.

Less strain on the turf

Thanks to the relatively small ground contact area and with a weight load equivalent to a golfer on foot, the GSC Tourer significantly reduces wear and tear on the golf course. This means that the impact per square metre is up to 82% less than a regular golf cart.

Perfected by 10 years of experience

The Tourer is produced by the Australian company Golf Skate Caddy (GSC). GSC already introduced earlier models, all based on a skate board. Based on 10 years of experience, feedback from customers and professionals, a new model has been developed. Because of this, the newest model, the Tourer, is now completely perfected for and by golfers!

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The GSC Tourer Specs

The Tourer comes with the following specifications:

  • Quality aluminum frame for stability and light weight.
  • Foldable handlebar with quick release mechanism.
  • Stable fastening strap for the golf bag.
  • Easily replaceable lithium battery for up to 27 holes.
  • RFID chip for easy (de)activation of the Tourer.
  • Waterproof display with indication for battery status, speed & distance traveled.
  • Throttle and brake device for easy speed regulation.
  • Maximum speed: approx. 15 km/h.
  • Just under 40kg weight incl. battery – maximum load: 120kg
  • Measures (height x width x length): 115x72x122cm resp. 55x72x122cm (folded)
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Ready to ride
Height              115 cm
Width                 72 cm
Length              122 cm

Transport (collapsed)
Height                55 cm
Width                 72 cm
Length              122 cm

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